Philly and 210

Philly & 210 aim is to bring back the pause mixtape era with beats to make your necks snap dropping #boombapgraffitirap.


First of all we would like to give you a massive shout out because you clicked here and read this biography about us (Philly – N – TwoTen) we are really proud and honoured to be part of the ITCH FM Radio Station legacy. We present to you “Trackside Burners” a #boombapgraffitirap hip hop soundscape #taggingyourairwaves for all writers and b-boys/girls worldwide. Spraypaint fans, wasted talent, crate diggers, Boom Bap DJs, underground graffiti radio hosts, Party Crashers and supporting the elements simple and plain!

Over the past few years Philly and 210 extended the Trackside Burners Radio Shows and created another platform for unknown producers and your MC`s from around the world. Every weekend we present a different type of Hip Hop show to the listeners with a bunch of colorful sets, for example Strictly Beats instrumentals only, Remix sets, Homegrown UK Hip Hip Sessions, Digital crates, Dusty Crates specials, Dedications, Interviews and also Boom Bap Burners sets (b-sides and no radio play songs) on UK Biggest (Anti commercial) Hip Hop Radio station ITCH FM  “Hip Hop is more than Music” Tune in www.itch.fm Listen live.
Consistently working with cHIP sHOP Brixton management since the venue officially opened. Trackside Burners duo do the artwork for main events at cHIP sHOP delivered the raw style on the venue`s posters and flyers. 
We deliver artwork/Designs/Graffiti in a professional format for print and online presence with style and finesse for a good rate – contact us for quotes and examples.


Philly - Trackside Burners Radio
History wise Philly has played over London & Europe. Opening DJ / Set DJ for numerous headlining acts on the hip hop scene including:
– Atmosphere (www.rhymesayers.com)
– The Perceptionists (www.definitivejux.net
– RA the Rugged Man
– Non Phixion 
– Chester P (Taskforce)
– Lord Finesse
– Pete Rock
– The High & the Mighty (Eastern Conference Records)
– DJ Cash Money – World DMC champion DJ Tha 4orce,
– DJ 2Tall – UK DMC champion (www.omunit.com)
– DJ Matman – London DMC Champion (www.djmatman.com)
– Big Smoke Magazine (www.bigsmokemagazine.com)
– Boombap Festival (www.boombapuk.com
Numerous England Basketball events. Even Russell Brand and many more acts and bands.
So my story starts when I was inside my mums belly when she was pregnant, they took me to a Frank Zappa concert, and told me that since that day in the field I will always feel the bass.
Raised on hippy records and blues music I was literally raised in the crates, the crackle of the old vinyl, the smell and the dust has stuck with me ever since. First and foremost I am a fan. I am addicted to music & hip hop culture is a way of life for me. I was listening to De La Soul, NWA, Gunshot and Public Enemy at the age of 10. This raised me with empowerment and the enjoyment of creativity. I DJ not for myself but for the people. I produce & enjoy crate digging, passing ideas & samples to my crews.

Music is sharing. I spot talent & believe that the more unity the better. I want to promote the artform simple & plain. For those that know I used to run with KN0WN and Dan Diego and many other graffiti writers making straight raw underground vandal mixtapes featuring hardcore writers from all over in the cypher (I will let some archives out from the chamber soon…) Then ran and DJed nights in 93Feet east, Brick Lane around 2002 when artists like Large Professor, DJ Vadim, Eyedea & Abilities, Marc Ecko, Smut Peddlers, DJ Greenpeace, Cormega, Jehst, Talib, Shortkut, Lewis Parker, Edan, Klashnekoff, and every international Hip Hop act used to pass through and the sound was just underground hip hop and people getting down and enjoying boom bap.

DJed in numerous venues over the four corners of London. I have extensive knowledge of flyering/contact/promotion within my field and circles from doing so many late night missions walking the streets. Switched to co-run the Sunday Cypher at the infamous graffiti hangout (old) Dragon Bar in Old street, East London cold rocking that open mic/music cypher bumping instrumental hip hop and letting MCs rock the mic. I am also the current London implant and contact for www.wholetrain.com International Indie award winning graffiti film and have a Wu-Tang DJ Coalition – Rock the bells mixtape featured on www.wu-world.com.

Shouts to my crews:

BBP – www.boombappro.com 
AAA – Audio Aerosol Assassins
FFSS – Family First Sound System    
Trackside Burners duo have been booked for DJ sets for the legendary store Chrome and Black and at the infamous Leake street spot under Waterloo Bridge, London. For the biggest graffiti organisation in the world Meeting Of Styles (UK) 2015/2016/2017/2018/2019. Visited the Paris based Le Mellotron radio and DJed and provided the real BoomBapGraffitiRap as usual..


210 (TwoTen) born and raised in Hungary (Debrecen) on the east side of the county. His first touch with Hip Hop culture was at the end of the 80’s / early 90’s. Mainly influenced by the visuals of Style Wars and Wild Style he became a member of helped in 1998 to create the famous Hungarian RH crew (Rusty Homies).  Then he became a DJ/Promoter and organized Hip Hop gigs (Romlott Hazai, RH PARTY). 
Then moved to the United Kingdom in 2005 and started to build up new contacts and connections to lift his skills to another level.
Worked together with so many artists (Brands, Labels, Mc, DJ, Producer) from the Hip Hop Movement around Europe:

– 4649 (UK)
– Propo88 and Blabbermouf of Da Shogunz crew  (NL)
– Joe Kickass (NL)
– Nick UDGS representing Underground Store (FR)
– DJ Maltfunk (FR)
– Funk Fire DJ Crew (Russia)
– Le Mellotron Radio (Paris, (FR)
– Music Avenue Records Shop  (Paris, (FR)
– 12 Finger Dan of Backspin (Germany) 
– POSTPARTUM Record Label (Germany)
– BeatPete – Backyard Joints (Germany)
– DJ Illegal and Sicknature of Snowgoons (Germany)   
– Christmaz – (Sweden)   
Also dealing with many artists from the UK scene for example:

– Jehst of YNR-Productions
– Micall Parknsun
– Melanin 9 a.k.a. M9 and Cyrus Malachi of Triple Darkness
– Fliptrix, Verb T, DJ Madnice of High Focus Records
– Cappo
– Iron Braydz A.K.A. Da Fly Hooligan
– Ramson Badbonez
– Gee Bag
– KingPin
– Manage of Caxton Press  
210 a.k.a. TwoTen - Trackside Burners Radio
– ARTIFACTS – The Reunion European Tour (El Da Sensei,Tame One, Dj.Kaos)
– Ruste Juxx
– Stricklin, Wordsworth, Masta Ace of eMC crew M3 Hip Hop 
– Matter OV Fact, EP, and Dj Johnny Quest a.k.a. The Doppelgangaz 
– Chef Raekwon of the legendary Wu Tang Clan 
– Shabaam Sahdeeq  
– XP (Rhyme Addicts) Los Angeles
2014/15 – Became another half of the Trackside Burners Radio Show DJ and presenter alongside DJ Philly one of the largest Hip Hop Radio Station in the UK – ITCH FM every Sunday 8-10pm.

210 Presents – Underground Hip Hop blog (weekly, monthly) reports and publishes Indie/Underground Hip Hop videos, interviews and music productions from all around the world delivered by himself. 210 Presents site/blog is on The Ultimate Hip-Hop Blog Directory list, created by the one and only Praverb (R.I.P.)

Shout out to my people..
My family! RH – Rusty Homeiz (Hungary) all my people who trully supported me since day day, all the haters and of coursesalute to graff heads & crate diggers worldwide! One Love!

Peace people and respect due from a hip hop fan doing this for you! #boombapgraffitirap #taggingyourairwaves